Meet Our Board

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Brant Hall


Mr. Hall taught at CCS for five years, from 2013 to 2018. He stepped away for two years to work in the tech industry but is excited to return to the Warrior family!

Mr. Hall has lived in Claremore since his freshman year of high school. Before that, his family spent several years in Arkansas, as the twang in his speech hints. He attended Rogers State University, where he graduated debt-free in four years with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration - Marketing degree. 

Brant is blissfully married to the wonderful Joy Lin Hall. They have been married since 2014 and enjoy working together in every area of their lives. Brant and Joy Lin have spent many hours not only leading in their workplaces, but ministering to college students, children, young adults, and engaged and/or newlywed couples.

Brant and Joy Lin are honored to work with the CCS faculty, as well as partner with the families of CCS. 

Lisa Gilsleider


Lisa and her husband of 41 years, Dr. Ed Gilsleider, have four children who are all CCS alumni. They have lived in the Claremore area since 1984 where they have built Animal Medical Center, a thriving veterinary practice. 


Lisa received her Bachelor of Science in Education with a concentration in Art and Music from Kansas State University. 


She has served CCS publicly and privately both in the classroom and behind the scenes, for over 33 years. She is back in the classroom this year teaching music. She has taught a range of subjects including: art, music, Yearbook, Student Council, Chapel Band, and Bible and also serving as Vice Principal.


Lisa Gilsleider brings a wealth of educational and instructional knowledge, classroom and administrative experience to the CCS School board.

Jeff Ray


Over the last 28 years, Jeff has founded or co-owned nine companies.

Jeff is a thought leader and versatile facilitator who specializes in moving business owners and organizations to action through his leadership, critical thinking, and communication. 

Jeff has a Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Interpersonal Communications from Oral Roberts University, and is a Certified Facilitator for Organizational Effectiveness, Organizational Cultural Inventory, and Leadership Impact. 

He and his wife Lynne’ live in Tulsa, OK, have been married for 28 years and have three adult daughters, Skylar 28, Sterling 26 and Sheridan 23. 

Jeff is an expert in organizational development, strategy and cultural alignment and brings to the board his unique ability to see the value other people can’t see. His highly transparent, relational style helps foster value-based trust, which is a key catalyst in transforming, building, and growing healthy organizations like CCS. 

Ami Shaffer


Ami and Glenn Shaffer have been with CCS from the very beginning. Helping to mold and craft CCS into what it is today. Ami has tirelessly been an advocate for education in every avenue and platform. From the home to the school to the halls of our state capitol she has been a source of outspoken support and encouragement for the students of Claremore Christian School. She has taught in the language arts in the elementary, and in the Junior High and High School: American Literature, English Literature, World History and American Government. 


She received her Bachelors Degree in Organizational Leadership with a Minor in English Literature and her Juris Doctorate from the University of Tulsa School of Law;


She served for six years as a Senate appointee on the House State of Oklahoma Educational Oversight Board as well as starting the CASA program for Rogers County. 


Ami brings to the board her infectious love of learning, her incredible insight into the God given spark of possibilities in each and every young mind, and her years of experience in a multitude of capacities to shape, cultivate, and strengthen students at Claremore Christian School. 

Jonathan Cook


In 1998, Jonathan graduated from Emmanuel College with a BA Degree in Biblical Studies, with a minor in Youth Ministry. 

He went on to obtain his Master of Ministry Degree in Leadership from Southwestern Christian University. 

Jonathan oversees the Owasso campus of DestinyLife church, along with his wife of 18 years, Elishya. Together they have two daughters, Jenna and Avah.

Jonathan has been in vocational ministry for over 20 years, where he’s been the director of youth and young adult ministries, lead and directed various overseas mission trips and has created curriculums and leadership materials. 

As a consultant, he’s worked with several organizations, assisting with implementation of strategies and procedures as well as providing a long-term plan for successful productivity and long-term retention.

Jonathan brings to the board a passion for the next generation. He believes that we are called to encourage, teach and lead students of all ages into all God has called them to be and do for His Kingdom. 

Bob Diskerud


As an Airman in the US Air Force, Bob’s final assignment led him to Anchorage, Alaska where he remained after the service as the administrator for both Abbott Loop Community Church and Alaska School of Ministry and Missions, later becoming the Dean of the Bible College, while providing support to the Principal and staff of the Church’s K-12 Christian school. 

Robert has a BA from the University of Alaska Anchorage (UAA) in Computer Science with a minor in Accounting and a Masters in Biblical Studies. He has taught in the public and private classroom as well as served as faculty member with the University of Alaska. Robert and his wife Deborah were married in 1989 and have a grown son and daughter who both are married.

Robert brings to the board his experience as an Educator, School Administrator,, and Dean as well as his analytical and systematic approach to complex situations and challenges.