Supporting parents in the enculturation of disciples who will engage culture with a biblical worldview

CCS operates within the confines of the vision and mission of Destiny Life.  CCS desires to be a tool of effect at the most basic unit of society, the individual.  We are a tool of support for parents in the enculturation of their heritage.  Our support is focused in the following areas of:

            1.)  an institutional focus on building instructional quality

            2.)  act as an instructional support and experiential avenue for the characteristics    

                  of responsibility, a rigorous work ethic, promptness, and a general disciplined


            3.)  establish the pillars of an active and accurate Christian worldview

These basic goals are accomplished in a student culture which is supported by the general moral precepts rooted in the Scripture.  Education serves as one of the most fertile disciplines for assisting parents in the enculturation of children which are prepared for advancing the Kingdom with a disciplined lifestyle and a rigorous Christian worldview.

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