Logic/Rhetoric Stage (7th-12th)

The secondary school utilizes a core academic program that defines our graduates.  Regardless of the plans and dreams that God has placed within our families, all secondary students participate in our core curricular sequence.  In addition to providing a superior foundation, this really helps build academic community within our student body as all students will have interacted with a consistent body of some of the best literary, historical, and ideological texts of our culture.

Classical Studies Program 

Our classical studies program (historically this was called "moral philosophy") is a primary text study of the great works of Western civilization.  It is a blend of literature, history, theology and ethics and is studied to discern the ways in which God works in the affairs of mankind.  In doing so, our students gain wisdom to impact their world for the Kingdom.

Social Science

Our study of history is through the lens of primary sources and emphasizing original intent, as opposed to the superficial revisionists methods so popular in todays "progressive" education.  In addition to courses in U.S and World History, distinctives include the study of Gary DeMar's 3 volume God and Government series as well as David Barton's constitutional study "Original Intent".


Mathematics and Science 

Our mathematics program focuses on the mastery of the fundamental processes.  This includes a traditional algebra sequence (through Algebra III) as well as the study of geometry and pre-calculus.  The natural science program (historically known as natural philosophy) is designed to study God's creativity as revealed in the natural sciences.  This includes the physical sciences and the biological sciences.

Classical Languages

Mastery of the language arts serves as the foundation of an education in liberty.  As such, CCS requires students to take 3 years of Latin and 2 years of Greek.  The continued study of the English language is woven throughout.

Worldview Study

Our worldview program is designed to study the fundamental statements of reality.  This sequence includes the study of formal logic, the Understanding the Times curriculum, and culminates in our "in-house" designed capstone course which is an applied worldview analysis and construction course.

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