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Claremore Christian School is a DestinyLife Church sponsored school.


DestinyLife Church has a rich history of new beginnings that represents its name today. The call upon this congregation continues to encourage people to find their destiny in the life of Christ. From it's early beginnings in 1974, as an Assemblies of God church, there was a vision to see lives changed through the Gospel. 

DestinyLife has become a multigenerational church with Glenn and Ami Shaffer first coming as lead pastors in 1980. Today, that vision is represented by a team of pastors/elders and younger generational pastors at two locations. The decade of the eighties included growth numerically and spiritually. 


The eighties were marked by the church embracing a New Testament form of church government with the function of the five-fold ministry serving as pastor/elders and becoming a non-denominational church. To represent that shift, the church was named Church at Claremore for more than two decades. It was a time of forming into a relational and organic body rather than a institutional church. Every member was called upon to minister and to find their fulfillment through their gifts and callings. This emphasis continues strongly today through opportunities for members to grow in their spiritual journey and to be discipled and mentored. The decade of the 80's also brought the purchase of ten acres and the building of a facility that serves as the present location of Claremore Christian School, Pre-K through 12th grade, established in 1984.


The early foundations of the 80's were built upon during the 90's to form what DestinyLife is today, a safe place to grow. The apostolic vision for the nations and church leaders continued to formulate from the heart of an equipping church with a deep desire to see the kingdom of God enlarged through spiritual fathers and sons. 


In the year 2000, 60 acres of prime land was purchase south of Claremore for expansion for the Claremore Campus. The first phase of the new Claremore campus was completed in June of 2015, which now serves as the new location. Further plans for the property include educational facilities, adequate recreational grounds, adult assisted-living facility, and an economic development center. 


In 2008, DestinyLife became the new name in preparation for a multi-site concept of one church, two locations. In the fall of the same year, a new campus launched in Owasso at the Owasso Mid-High and later moved to the Sixth Grade Center. In the spring of 2010, Crossroads Christian Center in Owasso merged with DestinyLife at the present campus site at Hwy 169 & Hwy 20. Plans are in the works to expand the Owasso Campus in the near future. 



We would love to show you all of the wonderful classrooms, Specials rooms, campus activities and more on our Claremore campus. Schedule your tour today to begin the enrollment process!

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