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In 1984, Claremore Christian School began as an elementary school to fill a need which was the result of a local Nazarene church no longer desiring to have a school. Church at Claremore (formerly Evangel Assembly; now DestinyLife Church) accepted the responsibility, and in its first years CCS functioned as an ACE program institution. CCS shared the facilities with Evangel Bible institute, a college-level Bible school also located at Church at Claremore.

In 1986, CCS opened the secondary school at the request of parents desiring a Christian school for their children to continue in after finishing elementary school. The secondary school initially used two rooms on the second floor in the new facilities of Church at Claremore.

In the years of 1987-1989, the school along with the church experienced a numerical decline. However, it was during this period the school moved from an ACE program to a traditional classroom setting. As a result of a leadership change, the church invited a new administrator to help stabilize and bring direction to CCS. CCS was blessed during this season with parents willing to volunteer and sacrifice for their children's education.


The athletic department developed to help with the educational process of the whole person. It was during the 1990s that it began to strengthen and become a stronger part of the vision and goals of CCS. During the 2007 instructional year, CCS was voted in as a member of the Oklahoma Secondary School Athletic Association (OSSAA).

During the '97-'98 school year, CCS experienced its largest enrollment, 185 students. It was an increase of over 30 percent from the previous year. It was a revealing year for the CCS administration and staff. CCS was becoming more of a community-reaching school with over twenty-three congregations represented in the student body. The year allowed CCS to see the challenges before it in continuing to strive forward as a quality institution. The following year began several years of decline numerically but also began a process of evaluating CCS and its purpose.



The student numbers stabilized during the 2000-2001 school year, which is also the year CCS began to contemplate and take steps toward accreditation. As a result of church leadership, Claremore Christian began to pursue accreditation with ICAA which was completed in 2003.

Over the next 15 years, Claremore Christian School began to follow a classical model of education. Throughout the transition, CCS continued to serve the local community with more and more congregations represented in the student body. In 2015, CCS left the OSSAA to join the HCAA and compete against schools more its size for athletics.


In the summer of 2020, in the midst of COVID-19, many changes took place at Claremore Christian School. CCS hired a new Head of School which marked a significant change to the structure of CCS, as the new Head of School officially became a member of the pastoral staff of DLC with the responsibility of overseeing Claremore Christian School. Renovations to facilities began in earnest, credits and curriculum were reevaluated, scholarships and donations increased, and much more. The decision was made to move away from the classical model of education but continue the emphasis on Biblical worldview. The accreditation status of CCS was reviewed, the mission statement updated, and the educational philosophy revised. Over the next several summers, the Lord sent teachers to CCS to lead our students spiritually and academically into the calling of God on their lives. During this season enrollment jumped approximately 60 percent with approximately thirty congregations represented. 

Moving forward, CCS looks to continue shepherding and equipping students to engage their call with a biblical worldview.



We would love to show you all of the wonderful classrooms, community rooms, campus activities and more on our Claremore campus. Schedule your tour today to begin the enrollment process!

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